Genootschap voor Geschiedenis te Brugge vzw


Genootschap voor Geschiedenis te Brugge vzw

Who are we?

The Genootschap voor Geschiedenis te Brugge vzw is a society for historical research into the history of the old county of Flanders and the present Belgian province of West Flanders.

The Genootschap is a members association. We organise lectures and other member activities and issue various publications. Twice a year, members receive the Handelingen van het Genootschap voor Geschiedenis, a journal with scientific historical articles and short contributions (in Dutch). In addition, members enjoy a 20 per cent discount when purchasing individual book publications and past volumes of the Handelingen.

→  More info on membership can be found here (in Dutch)

→  More info on the Handelingen can be found here (in Dutch)

The Genootschap is the oldest historical society in Flanders. It was founded on 1 September 1838 and received its first statutes on 16 January 1839. Its original name was Société d’Emulation pour l’Histoire et les Antiquités de la Flandre Occidentale. In 1934, the current name was created. In 1989, on the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the Genootschap was given the title of royal society. Since 2009, the Genootschap is a non-profit organisation, financially supported by the city of Bruges and governed by a Board of Directors and a General Assembly.

More info on the Genootschap can be found in these publications:

→  S. Vrielinck & R. Van Eenoo, IJveren voor Geschiedenis. 150 jaar Genootschap voor Geschiedenis “Société d’Emulation” te Brugge, Bruges 1989. (Order)

→  Uit de korf van de Emulatie. Baanbrekende historische bijdragen gepubliceerd in 175 jaar Handelingen van het Genootschap voor Geschiedenis te Brugge, Bruges 2014. (Order)

De jaarvergadering van het Genootschap in 2022 in het Brugse Stadsarchief


Board of Directors

Paul Trio (president), Hannelore Franck (vice-president and editor-in-chief), Ludo Valcke (secretary-treasurer), Marc Ryckaert (assistant secretary), Johan Bossier (coordinator of dispatches), Jan D’hondt (key keeper), Matthijs Degraeve (webmaster), Luc François (director), Ludo Vandamme (director) and Maurice Vandermaesen (director).

Editorial Board Handelingen

Hannelore Franck (editor-in-chief), Lies Vervaet (Middle Ages), Hendrik Callewier (Middle Ages), Heidi Deneweth (Early Modern period), Ludo Vandamme (Early Modern period), Jan D’hondt (Modern period), Luc François (Modern period), Anne van Oosterwijk (art history), Frederik Roelens (archaeology), Lisa Demets (book reviews), Paul Trio (supervisor).

General Assembly

Johan Bossier, Matthijs Degraeve, Heidi Deneweth, Jan D’hondt, Jan Dumolyn, Hannelore Franck, Luc François, Aleid Hemeryck, Dominique Marechal, Jacques Mertens, Michel Nuyttens, Rik Opsommer, Kurt Priem, Nele Provoost, Paul Trio, Marc Ryckaert, Ludo Valcke, Jan Van Acker, Ludo Vandamme, Andries Van den Abeele, Maurice Vandermaesen, Paul Vandewalle, Romain Van Eenoo, Johan Vannieuwenhuyse, Anne van Oosterwijk, Dries Vanysacker, Lies Vervaet.